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Passive Home Foundation B-Line Construction

Passive Home Foundation

A Passive House design is to reduce a home’s reliance on mechan­i­cal energy while ensuring a healthy interior environment.

Indoor Envi­ron­men­tal Quality (IEQ)

Good IEQ is the “reason for being” in a Passive House.  This means less indoor pollution and outdoor pollution; less dependence on energy powered by fossil fuels  & a focus on renewable energy sources. 

This week on our passive House Build, we started the foundation.  The foundation is an advanced building envelope – airtight, vapor permeable, super-insulated.


We utilized Fox Blocks for the foundation – Fox Blocks are “two foam panels filled with concrete and reinforced with steel rebar.  Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms surpass ASHRAE/ANSI 90.1 energy code requirements, and create energy-efficient buildings with excellent moisture resistance.” – Fox Blocks

Thermal mass keeps your home comfortable.

Thermal mass can help maintain comfortable temperatures inside your home year-round. Thermal mass will absorb heat from the sun during the day and radiate it out in the afternoon throughout the evening.


Passive Home Foundation B-Line Construction
Passive Home Foundation B-Line Construction
Passive Home B-Line Construction Services - Bryan Williams, Owner

Follow our team as we progress thru this build

B-Line Construction wants to share with you the journey of this build.  Our goal will be to highlight various construction milestones, as well as:


Educate on Passive Home Building


Products of Sustainability


Highlight our Partners

What is a Passive House?

German: (Passivhaus)

The energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the building’s ecological footprint.  The focal point of a Passive House is to minimize air leakage from the property.  

How is this accomplished?

Passive houses are designed with super-insulation, high-performance windows, an airtight envelope that minimizes energy consumption while providing thermal comfort to its residents.

Passive Home Ground Breaking B-Line Construction


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