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B-Line Construction Passive House

Moving Right Along…

Building scientists generally think air barriers are more important than vapor barriers in most climates.

This has been a busy couple of weeks – even with the snow &  rain.

The B-Line Construction Services crew has been busy with digging out our foundation,  installing under concrete insulation, making sure our air barriers are in place to framing…!


Seem like a  lot?  Well – at this stage – things move pretty quickly – joists and trusses and framing packs & crews… we have even started the garage.  Follow Bryan as he gives us updates via video:


Passive Home B-Line Construction Services - Bryan Williams, Owner

Follow our team as we progress thru this build

B-Line Construction wants to share with you the journey of this build.  Our goal will be to highlight various construction milestones, as well as:


Educate on Passive Home Building


Products of Sustainability


Highlight our Partners

What is a Passive House?

German: (Passivhaus)

The energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the building’s ecological footprint.  The focal point of a Passive House is to minimize air leakage from the property.  

How is this accomplished?

Passive houses are designed with super-insulation, high-performance windows, an airtight envelope that minimizes energy consumption while providing thermal comfort to its residents.

Passive Home Ground Breaking B-Line Construction
Stay Tuned

So much more to follow!


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